How we helped build the first purpose-driven temping organisation in the Netherlands


When Olympia approached us in 2015, the company was a non-descript, middle of the pack temping company. They lacked a distinct purpose, positioning, and propositions.

With the appointment of a new shareholder, board, and director, the firm formulated a firm ambition was formulated in terms of market position, growth and profitability.

The solution:

We helped Olympia with a total marketing turn-around in terms of purpose, branding, strategic positioning, identity, and value propositions.

What the
client said.

“For the last 7 years, North-East has been our strategic marketing partner. They have done a tremendous job in co-creating the company’s purpose, positioning the brand, and getting all staff facing the same direction. Their secret lies in the combination of crystal-clear analysis and methodology together with unexplored creativity.”

Dimitri Yocarini
CEO at Olympia

The tools we
used for

Cb Competition benchmark
Ct Consumer trend canvas
Mm Market mapping
Sr Steep red analysis
As Audience sizing
Cj Consumer journey
Em Empathy map
Pc Persona canvas
Ff Financial fitness
Ia Investment analysis
Og OGSM methodology
Om Operating model canvas
Wr Wheel of reasoning
Cm Consciousness model
Cc Culture circle
Ej Employee journey
Ev Employee value proposition
Et Enneagram types
Ba Brand architecture framework
Bk Brand key
If Identity framework
Vd Value directions model
Bp Business portfolio map
Pg Portfolio growth model
Pm Product market grid
Vc Value proposition canvas
Bc Business model canvas
Ca Campaigning approach
Gm Go 2 market framework
Iw Innovation wheel
Th Three horizon growth framework
Tl Three lenses of innovation