Talpa talent pivot

Helping Talpa find, attract and retain the right talent through our custom 'talent pivot' approach


As Talpa reinvented herself with a new long-term business strategy, so did the value proposition towards her employees get revamped. It was time for an overhaul of the full employee journey in order to stay ahead in the game.

After Talpa started to navigate new waters, it became clear that the company needed a fresh profile to attract and retain the right talent in the key positions. Most of the legacy-systems and processes were out of date and no longer fitted the needs of the new generation. Time-to-hire needed to decrease, and retention-numbers needed to go up.

The Solution:

Together with the Talpa HR team, we created a new Employee value proposition to start with, which functioned as a north-star for what would follow. We charted the full employee journey and identified all gaps, weaker points and possible optimisations. EVP benefits were mapped to the journey and then put on a clear roadmap.  Step-by-step all phases of the employee journey, starting with recruitment, and ending with off boarding, were optimised through a series of interventions. This included fresh communications, a new recruitment strategy and media mix, documentation for hiring managers and a new onboarding day for all new recruits.

What the
client said.

“With a brand-new company-wide strategy comes a fresh take on HR. Together with North-East, we mapped out our ideal Candidate and Employee Journey pointing out improvements on our existing HR practices while enhancing the overall employee experience.

As a result, we now have a smooth hiring procedure, enhanced recruitment flow and effective Onboarding and Offboarding programs. Their hands-on execution sped up our plans and enabled our HR team to take the right steps to improve our operations.”

Geert-Willem Koolhof
CFO at Talpa.

The tools we
used for

Cb Competition benchmark
Ct Consumer trend canvas
Mm Market mapping
Sr Steep red analysis
As Audience sizing
Cj Consumer journey
Em Empathy map
Pc Persona canvas
Ff Financial fitness
Ia Investment analysis
Og OGSM methodology
Om Operating model canvas
Wr Wheel of reasoning
Cm Consciousness model
Cc Culture circle
Ej Employee journey
Ev Employee value proposition
Et Enneagram types
Ba Brand architecture framework
Bk Brand key
If Identity framework
Vd Value directions model
Bp Business portfolio map
Pg Portfolio growth model
Pm Product market grid
Vc Value proposition canvas
Bc Business model canvas
Ca Campaigning approach
Gm Go 2 market framework
Iw Innovation wheel
Th Three horizon growth framework
Tl Three lenses of innovation