Setting the strategy of WWF Netherlands for 2025

The scope

WWF Netherlands is one of the largest donor organisations within the global WWF International, the world’s largest conservation organisation.

Setting the strategy of WWF Netherlands for 2025

About the project

In recent years, we have helped WWF Netherlands with the corporate strategy, the translation to the various departments, the brand positioning and the new visual identity.

What the
client said.

”The North-East strategists have been very effective in assisting us in the development of our change strategy in the past two strategy periods. As a result, we as an organization are much better able to work together towards the same future.”

Kirsten Schuijt

Bt Briefing template
Ca Company anamnese
Ia Issue analysis
Mp Master Planning
Cv Core value model
Og OGSM methodology
Om Operating model
Bm Business canvas model
Ir Innovation roadmap
Pc Proposition canvas
Sb Service blueprint
Bv Business case
Ff Financial fitness
Dm Delivery model
Sa Solution architecture